High Frequency Output

High Frequency Output (HFO) is a creative framework in development and supported by Futureland. The term was coined by internetVin who stumbled on to this type of creation during an extended period of depression. HFO is currently being explored in many different ways by software developers, musicians, architects, filmmakers, animators, writers, yogis and on. But the focus of this writing is to simply explain what an HFO project is and how you can start one today.

An HFO project is a year long commitment to create something from start to finish in any medium and share it in public for 365 consecutive days.
  1. You can complete an output after midnight, but you must not sleep for the day until the output for that day has been shared publicly
  2. It is ok to share mediocre work. Actually this is encouraged as it begins to change your psychological relationship with your work. And making many mediocre things is a very important part of learning anything new
  3. Futureland has created a multidisciplinary commmunity that can support you through the completion of HFO projects. You can join here: Futureland.tv
  4. Each one of your HFO project outputs must be shared in Futureland to qualify for its reward system (limited HFO jackets in development. Made in Japan)
  5. New digital tools are currently in development by Futureland to support and improve HFO projects. You can also learn more or contribute to the development of these tools by joining Futureland